Jen's Website, I bet you can't guess the URL. Jen's Website
Ok, so Bruce Campbell isn't really a friend of mine but this is his hompage and he rocks and I'm crazy...blargh Ash
My beautiful baby buddy Joey Joey Mc Joerson

Here is a list of links to articles that exemplifies bad ideas in recent history. Bad Ideas
A new page of what I call RANTS, nothing new to the internet but I'm a bitter person and I want you to bask in my angst, so bask dang-it!! Rants
My new super graphics page with all sorts of pics of me and friends and stuff prepare to wait cause the lag is a bitch but I'm worken on it pictures
The questions that my true love will have to be able to answer. The questions
A list compiled of 35 ways to drive your roommate(s) crazy. I know it works because I have tried everyone of them, and now my roomies are mad as hatters. (please read the disclaimer before reading this page.) 35 Ways
The great NOG shall rule the Universe forever, learn of IT'S ways here with the first, and original Holy Home of the NOG THE NOG
Some taste quotes that I have compiled from my own repertoire, friends, and famous people. Quotes
These are various things, "of the day" hopefully I'll keep up with it daily. Of the Day

A funny site to read about things geeky Penny Arcade
An online game of sorts where you trade movies stocks like the stock market. Its free, and it's fun. Hollywood Stock Excange
A source of interesting information. A little bit right wing conservative for me...but it has a lot of links to good sites
A good source for geek/tech/news fluff.
Great articles about tech and science.
One of my Senator's Websites Senator Kyle
Another senator's website for Arizona Senator Mccain
My Congressmen's Website Congressmen Flake
A good news site that combines multiple sources.
I'm a farker, you're a farker, wouldn't you like..oh wait I said you're a farker..well then let's fark.
Learn what CNN wants you to learn. CNN.Com
Now you can show your appreciation and buy me stuff here at my amazon wish list. Thanks! Amazon Wish list
A source of two of the greatest comics ever, Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and SQUEE! Slave Labor Comics
Hilarious news and points of view. The Onion
A slowly developing page of words that I love, I try to use them as much as possible Great Words!
A list of songs and their lyrics that everyone should know Songs
A list of links to my favorite authors, also some quotes, and a few other things. Books and Stuff
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