Here is a list of some of my favorite authors. Thanks to the internet many of the modern writers have their own websites. If you know of a good site that relates to them or you have suggestions of authors I should read please feel free to Email Me.

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Douglas Adams Dante Neil Gaiman William Gibson Robert Jordan Jack Kerouac Michael Moorcock Kurt Vonnegut Neal Stephenson Roger Zelazny

Jack Kerouac

Wheele of Time DragonWheel of Time Dice

Robert Jordan

A comprehensive collection of all stuff about the WOT books on the web. It's a must if you began reading the books and can't remember what has happened. The Complete Index of Wheel of Time- Releated 'Net Resources

Elric Cover Art

Michael Moorcock

A nice source of info on Michael and his books. Cartographer of the Multiverse

Douglas Adams

Dont Press this Button!!
Excellent page of Douglas Adams Links
Official Douglas Adams Website Official


A list of complete translations of his work, in text on the net. Translations

Neil Gaiman

A list of links to the Sandman Sandman
Goth Image database of Death and Sandman Goth Images
Neil Gaiman's official webpage. Neil Gaiman

William Gibson

William Gibson's Official Website Official

Kurt Vonnegut

The official Kurt Vonnegut web site Official

Neal Stephenson

Official Neal Stephenson Website Official

Roger Zelazny

A good Zelazny site Good Site

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