A list of things of the day

Today is: 02/10/2006

Song of the day:

'Wild flower' by The Cult

Book of the day:

'Atlas Shrugs' by Ayn Rand
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Quote of the day:

Jen: you are right that mtv is a total time suck

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the train station..of the day:

I'm having a hard time thinking of a funny story for today. This week has been a little rough. Jen and I went to Michelle's wedding this weekend and got back Monday night. Tuesday I took off to recover. Wednesday I noticed my battery was dying in the Z but hoped it would last a few more days. I found out Thursday I was wrong, I suppose that might be a funny story.
So I have a car battery charger that also can act as a jumper. I set it to jump and then unlocked my car doors which set off the car alarm. This is at 7:00 am. The neighborhood dogs started going nuts and after about 45 seconds the alarm reset itself. I tried to unlock the car door using the car alarm button on my key chain and it set the alarm off. This time I tried to rest the alarm and it would not respond. After setting the alarm off a couple more times I gave up and worked from home.

Word of the Day:

1. Rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness.
2. Physics. A vector quantity whose magnitude is a body's speed and whose direction is the body's direction of motion.

a.The rate of speed of action or occurrence.
b.The rate at which money changes hands in an economy.

Food of the Day:

Peanutbutter and Honey sandwhich.

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