This is the story of the Onslaught Rally Sticker

Ah yes it is a fond memory, how I came across the Onslaught Rally Sticker, one that only true geeks will be able to appreciate. .......

So it was the summer, a few years back. I was back from school and living in Elmhurst with my mom. Most of my friends were back too, others never left. And a few of my luckiest friends were working at the local comic book store, Gem Comics. Gem comics happens to be a center point for much of my life.

When I was 12 I would take the arguous journy there, I rember the first time I took the trip, before that time, I would purchase my comics at the local 7-11but on this day, I was going for an odyssy. My bike was shined up, it was something that I use to do, wash my bike and then wax it with my dad's car wax, it was looking smooth. I had some how procured some money, a few dollars problably borrowed from my dad's change can. I had a time limit, my mom was cooking dinner which meant I had to be h ome by 6:00 and it was nearly 4:30 so I had to make tracks. I began the ride, down York road, at first it's a pretty easy trip, but about half way through there is this bitch of a hill, when your only 12 this hill can nearly defeat you. But I endured an d made it to the fabled spot, The Comic Store!!, but a few miles from my home, this trip would be taken thousands of times in my life.

So it was the summer and I was back from college. A bunch of my friends worked at the comic book store. Dave, Dwayne, Mark, Neil (In case any of you are reading this, you'll notice that the names are listed in alphbetical order so as not to show any favortism.) On this particular day, Dave and Dwayne were working and I had skated in. It was a lazy Thursday, I rember this because that's the day that the new comics come in, and Dave was going through the new inventory while Dwayne sat on a chair with is feet up reading a magazine. I made my rounds of the place checking out what was new and chatting with Dwayne. Dwayne is a very interesting person. He is one of the most creative people I have ever met, and the pharse "Bark is worse then his bite " describes him nearly to a T, what ever the hell that means. So we were chatting, problably about something entirely to geeky to be said in public, but the comic book store was is and always will be a geek haven. After a while Dave's silence, which was not all that unusall he really doesn't or didn't like me, caught my attention. He was cutting something up from a long roll that looked like police tape. Being the ever curious being that I am, I ambled over to him to check it out. When I first laid my eyes upon the stickers, another phrase that doesn't make much sense but I guess its better then, "sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite" which is one of the most revolting things I have ever heard, I was inspired. I saw these beautiful yellow sticker s with the words, "ONSLAUGHT, NO ONE IS SAFE" my lord it was destiny. I took one instantly and slapped it on my roller blade, the memories of this moment gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. At the sight of my excitement, Dwayne instantly became interested and set down his comic and came to take a look. He picked up a sticker and got a twinkle in his eyes and looked to my skates and said, "They're Onslaught Rally Skates." I grined instantly liking the sound of that, and then looked to the roll of about te n thousand stickers, my eyes shown with excitement. Dwayne took a sticker and went straight for the door and out. He had a piece of shit car that he had recently bought. It at one time had been used by a grounds keeper at a golf course to carry fertili zer in, so one might imagine it's condition. Dwayne took the sticker and gingerly placed it on the back of the car dubbing it an "Onslaught Rallly Car!!" After that moment anything that had any merit needed an "Onslaught Rally Sticker"

Wow, that was a great summer. And when I went back to school I took about 50 of the stickers with me. Now I need to explain that I /had/ 50 Onslaught Rally stickers untill my dastardly roommate, Mike B. Ethridge, "borrowed" nearly 30 of them. At this time, Mike has Onslaught Rally, Ski's, Ski boots, an Onslaught Rally Clock, folder, the bastard put like 3 of them on his file case, Bike,... phone, you name it, he made it onslaught rally. Not that I object its just that my supply of the stickers is now waning because of his Onslaught rally Gluttony. You may also notice that there are other peoples pages, OPP, that have various incarnations of the Onslaught Rally stickers well your right, they have Onslaught Rally Home Page's. If you want one, then go right a head and steal the image from my page and do with it what you will. I would like to know who has onslaught rally pages but if you dont want to tell me, thats your choice.